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Ego web and modern sins.

lunes, noviembre 30, 2009

So today I decided to delete my Facebook account.

Why do I choose to do so?

My experience with Facebook began on 2006. Those days I used to live with my girlfriend Chelita, I used to surf the web at night before going to bed and I recall one time I was reading a Digg article about something like MySpace, but better.

On those days there was a lot of Buzz around MySpace, and it looked like Geocities reborn: A bunch of bad-looking personal webpages...

Facebook was different: The article explained that the extremely famous high school-yearbook I see so much on US movies and TV Shows was about to die.

Why?: Because facebook was about to kill it.

Puzzled I decided to join Facebook.

I spent a while that night entering my information on FB. On those days the sign up form was quite long, and I remember my girlfriend calling me to bed in the middle of the process.

A year, or two, passed by, I broke up with Chelita and life goes on... Then, one day, everybody in Mexico and all of my friends started to join Facebook, and I started stalking them constantly on the Internet... It all happened so slowly, that I never noticed the terrible habit I was developing until the day I broke up with another girlfriend.

It was late 2008, and I constantly visited her Facebook profile after the break up... I then realized it was not healthy, that it was time to move on, and that It was plain wrong stalcking people... Then I started questioning myself, Why do I need to publish my info to the world to see it?

I managed to block out most of my profile through Facebook security tool.

But the issue continued evolving on my head through a couple months. Turns out that I didn't find any good reason to keep Facebook. Who cares where I live? Which are my favorite movies? Which of my friends partied with me last weekend? I recalled a term I readed on Internet some time ago I think in a Reddit comment... It was about the Ego-Web.

It happens that Web 2.0 it's not about fancy Ajax animations, beautiful gradients, and fancy graphics bouncing here & there... Is about user generated content... But not any kind of content... It's content that people writes hoping everybody sees and approve of it... How many times have I written a Reddit comment just hoping to get upvoted and everybody likes it? What do I get from it?

Maybe it's the illusion of sharing knowledge. Maybe reddit, digg or hacker news are the new place where humans share phylosophical ideas, something like the ancient greek square, where Plato and big philosophers spread out their ideas, listen to new ones, and if everybody knows about them, and judge them, we will end with a better world, with more informated people, with more objective points of view. After all, as Churchill once said: "The biggest argument against democracy is a five minute discussion with the average voter.",

But what really happens is quite dissapointing: The internet has evolved in a Meme-culture, where people use words like "FAIL" as full sentences, and eloquent, smart comments are becoming obsolete. It's all about to make the right joke at the right time...

And it get worst, not only people lose interest in sharing ideas and Thoughts: Now people just want to twit trivial and non-interesting things.

They update their Facebook status with just some random words, and upload photos of their common lifes, hoping everybody sees them and think how cool they are.

The worst part of all? I watch them. And spend my time on it.

All day long, everytime I open a new Chrome tab, there is a Facebook icon inviting me to read non-sense statuses, watch common-life photographs, and stalk almost everybody I know.

Do I really need to know what has happened to every single person I've met on my life?

I don't think so.

I neither think all of them need to know everything about me

So today I decided to delete my Facebook account, and if you want to share a photo with me or know how I am, send me a Wave.

  1. Anonymous smario said:

    te la rifate con tu blog =D

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    "The worst part of all? I watch them."

    Gente mirando gente mirando gente mirando gente... Y no hay nada de valor ahí para mirar.

    Muy buena entrada, saludos!

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