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Swine Flu

martes, abril 28, 2009

I wake up at 3am, my dad is coughing loud and often, I go running to his bedroom, and found my mother yelling half hysterical half crazy to him. She doesn't know what's wrong with him, me neither, we are both freaked out, I run to the phone to call to an ambulance, but my dad stops me, he says he is O.k.

My hearth is pumping quickly for the alarm., I'm really freaked out. --Just yesterday I was watching live TV, listening to José Angel Cordova, México's minister of health, he was explaining they delayed the alert because they didn't knew what was happening, they thought it was just a simple seasonal influenza, and then they got suspicious, sent some samples to Denver, and discovered it was not a seasonal influenza, and it was really a new virus, that they don't know when it's going to stop, and what signs will tell us it's stoping, because they don't know anything about this virus, they are working with limited information, and they use the words "remember, it's a new virus, we don't know what's going on" maybe too often. He suddenly stayed quiet for a couple seconds without a reason, I watched him, kind of puzzled for his silence, then he said "Yeah, the last thing we need, it's a earthquake", and almost instantly, at the bottom of the screen, next to CNN's logo, appeared a message "BREAKING: Earthquake on Mexico City". I couldn't believe it, it was like a nightmare, I had this urge to cry, or to laugh. I didn't know. I just felt sad.--

I checked my dad for a couple minutes, we talked a little bit, and after I felt sure he was Ok, I went to sleep again.

I go to bed and for two hours I just stayed quiet listening to the silence, worried for my dad, hoping he don't cough again.

At 5 on the morning I stand up, go downstairs for my breakfast, and turn on the TV. The first thing I see is a rerun of a TV show from yesterday, they are discussing the repercussions on the economy and on society of a general shutdown.

For a minute or two I feel I'm still dreaming, but then I just thinked, thank god this is a rerun and there are no surprise earthquakes at the middle of the show.

I can't believe they are actually thinking on a general shutdown on all the country... After all, all schools, bars, coffees, and recreational centers are closed until May 6, but shutting down the entire industry, that's just so insane.

Just after my coffee and my breakfast, I turned off the the TV and get dressed for the gym, the boys that sell newspapers on the corners are gone, and the sporadic ones, wear a mask.

When I arrive to the gym, I discover, without surprise, that it's closed, I drive home again, thinking on this new disease that appeared just a couple weeks ago and that is driving the full country --maybe the full world-- crazy.

On my way home, I found a lot of cops, and ambulances all over one of the main streets of my city... Just another shooting, as usual, I drive carefully on the remaining lanes, and that's when I remember it's not just a pandemic disease, or a 5.7 earthquake on Mexico City, it's also a global financial crisis, a global food crisis, and also I'm in a country in the middle of a war against drugs where it's no longer a surprise to find out an police operative picking up bodies after a shooting on my city downtown.

Some weeks ago, I was annoyed for all those special programs about the apocalypse on History and Discovery Channel, I just don't care what Nostradamus dreamed 500 years ago, or what the Mayans wrote on a stone, but now, it really feels like the apocalypse.

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    Hang in there, man. Things will get better.

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:


  1. Anonymous Jonathan said:

    Hang in there man! I'm an American living in Mexico City.

    While I agree the swine flu is scary, and has the potential to be something huge... Remember that the "regular" flu kills hundreds of thousands of people per year, and so far the swine flu hasn't shown. So if there were 200,000 people in the world dead from the regular flu, with 2% of the world population, Mexico would have about 4000 of those deaths, or 11 per day on average.

    And the earthquake? I didn't even feel it yesterday, and I haven't hear of ANY significant damage reported anywhere, and I just read there were NO injuries. The only reason the earthquake is receiving this attention is because of the swine flu.

    And while in my neighborhood, more places than usual are closed, and there are fewer people on the streets. There are many people living life. Shopping, eating out, hanging out in parks, etc... Keep in mind, there are over 20,000,000 people in DF, and the vast, vast majority of people do not have the swine flu, and the vast majority of people who get it turn out just fine.

    I do support the Mexican government's efforts to contain this by canceling schools etc... but don't allow your fear to blind you. The Black Death killed roughly half of the population of Europe back in the 14th century... We should remember that a disease that kills 0.0000015% of the population combined with a minor earthquake is NO Apocalypse.

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    con todo respeto a tu punto de vista, y espero q respetes el mio, pero eres una niñita chillando, si esto de la violencia, crisis e influenza te hace llorar y mojar la cama espero que todos los que tiemblan como tu, se vayan en esta ocasion a un lugar mejor.

    In a few words: you are such a pussy, go cry somewhere else, we dont need people like you, we need strong people to stand up.

  1. Blogger Harold Fowler said:

    Looks like this is indeed going to be a bad one.


  1. Blogger skitzo said:

    What do you expect? You live in a 3rd world hell hole.

  1. Blogger aarondbaron said:

    Hang in there.

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    Hang in there

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    One life, one love! Stay strong

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    Though it may seem like the end of the world, with flu, quakes, drug wars and a financial crisis.. Understand that historically, all of the above mentioned happens. and often happen together.. when the economy is bad, people go to other means of income, black market and drug sales of product become a secondary economy that works to ensure income for many. This is something that will always come when the global economy begins to slow down.

    The earthquake, well, that was a strange coincidence.

    I know it must be difficult. Definitely with the towns and cities shut down. It would almost feel sureal.

    But things will come back. At the moment you are in the midst of an extreme response by governments who understand little about the situation and are going above and beyond what is necessary to stop a massive outbreak. Of course there are other ways to go about it, but a complete shut down is the easiest way for uncreative and uninspired politicians to attempt to slow the spread.

    our hearts are with you and your families safety..

    with love from Louisiana, USA.

    a caring citizen.

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    Chill out, little Mexican. You're not the only one who has had a bad time.

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    lol, what a joke. i've had flu before and yes, yes that includes (gasp, shock) coughing. I'm surprised it made you think the sky was falling....Lmao

    Go start selling some drugs and making some good money. If the government wins the drug war that means everyone loses including you. Its an ever increasing spiral of control after that. You wont like it one bit. Just a word of advice

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    I'm immune bitch


  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    just end it all man. THE SKY IS FALLING.

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    Bull crap, the earthquake was at 11:46 AM, almost afternoon. If your dad is really sick I am sorry, but you shouldn't make up stories about a ficticious earthquake at 3 AM, but whatever...

  1. Anonymous Sudaca said:

    Yes, what a pussy girl, like living in the third world has get any worse in the last8 days, It has been fucked up since long time ago (hundreds of years)

  1. Blogger Dante said:

    Solo quiero responder al comentario de Anonimo de 9:12 am.

    Tal vez la opinion y la perspectiva de Sebastian sean muy diferentes a las tuyas. Tal vez tu seas un autentico mexicano chingon que nunca perderia un partido de futbol contra los gringos y que no se vendria con mariqueras porque tiene todos los huevos del mundo... cosa que sin evidencia ni argumento tendria que cuestionar seriamente.

    Sin embargo, Sebastian tiene por lo menos el interes de expresar su punto de vista y de esa manera (voluntariemente o no) fomenta una comunicacion mas transparente en nuestra sociedad.

    Y eso valo mucho mas que tus supuestos pantalones.

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:


  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    Hey. Tough guy. How long's it gonna take for more like you to "stand up"? Or are you the only one?

  1. Anonymous Alfonso said:

    Greetings from Los Angeles.
    My heart goes out to you. Hang in there.
    Don't pay attention to assholes like the anonymous pussy above. He says, "we need strong people to stand up."
    Stand up and do what?

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    "Swine" flu? People seem to be missing out on the fact that this is actually more of a genetically modified "hybrid" flu than a "swine" flu.

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    Too contrived. Not buying it. Mexico doesn't take care of itself and the citizens aren't interested in anything other than eating and procreating. Fake article.

  1. Blogger Worg said:

    Uh Jonathan...

    There's no such thing as apocalypse except the kind that man creates...

    but this virus is going to kill MUCH more than .0000whatever of the population.

    Flu 1918 killed 5% of the population of the planet in 2 years.

    Sebastian, good luck to you and best wishes to your father.

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:


  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    Mexico just needs a fucking break. Good luck.

  1. Blogger Omar said:

    Hey man, hope your dad gets better.

  1. Blogger Roby said:

    wei no seas mamon, hes not a pussy! i feel for ya man!

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    Hang in there and be safe. Things will get better.

    It may not always seem like it, but there are many Americans and especially Southern Californians who care about what goes on in Mexico, and the people living there.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  1. Anonymous Juanra said:

    Así me gusta Anónimo, llamando cobarde a la gente a través del anonimato de internet. Que asco. ¿Qué va a hacer exactamente la gente "fuerte como tú"? ¿Salir con el pecho descubierto a pelear con los puños contra la influenza y la crisis? Lo que necesita México es gente inteligente y empática, cualidades que acabas de demostrar que careces.

    No sé si eres consciente que lo único que has hecho es el ridículo, Anónimo. Primero le dices al autor que "respetas su punto de vista" y luego le deseas la muerte a él y a todos los que tienen miedo de "la violencia, crisis e influenza". Intentaría hacerte comprender lo absurdo que es esto y lo lerdo que eres, pero tengo la sensación de que sería una pérdida de tiempo. Sería más fácil enseñarle física cuántica a una gallina retrasada.

    ¡Ánimo Sebastián!

    In a few words: I basically told the Anonymous author that he is a huge douchebag

  1. Blogger anxiousjoe said:

    Thoughts and prayers are with you man.

    "...This too shall pass."

  1. Blogger rolandog said:

    Hey man! Came here through Reddit. I hope your dad is doing better -- send everyone in your family kind regards from me. As for the alarm, I'm quite sure that it was pretty obvious this was gonna scale up at the rate it has. The earthquake -- in my opinion -- is the cherry that was missing on top of the cake.

  1. Blogger rolandog said:

    Oh, btw... there are some serious conspiracy theorists out there pointing out that this is probably a man-made disease, in that it's genetically made up of four different -- and rather unlikely -- diseases:

    *Human influenza
    *Bird Flu from North America
    *Swine flu from Europe
    *Swine flu from Asia

    Btw, damn Blogger... it doesn't allow the HTML for unordered lists.

  1. Anonymous Tee said:

    I'm sorry you are having so many bad things happen at once and I'm sorry for the people insulting you here on your blog. (Why do you allow their comments to be published? You should just delete them and not give them the pleasure.)

    Hang in there and things will get better. In the meantime, try to stay positive. Focusing on all the negative will only make it worse.


  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    Me vale madre lo que digan respecto a México los gringos ignorantes que escriben estas respuestas, lo que si es que, para que en ingles? que quieres lograr? tenías que ser chilango.

  1. Blogger viagroupinc said:

    What idiot called Mexico a third world hell hole???? Where t.f. do YOU live. Better not be the Ushitted States. where the only meal you can get will corrode your arteries and you can go to prison for smoking on the beach, Once you cross that line, u are a consumer, no more, and your body and what it can produce only exists to harvest for the corporations bucks. US is not citizenship anymore, its the right to be a consumer no more, just like China the only comparable country in population size and market comparison style. As they say... in an insane place, the sane man looks insane. Sane people are leaving the states in droves. Mexico is actually a sane place... The states has become insane. Get out before your cancer, diabetes, or heart trouble, all making big bucks for he corporations feeding you that shit, kills you. ===== I wish americans would stop blogging on this planet, until you have lived somewhere else, developed and undeveloped === you are just idiots spreading bile of endless stupidity and untravelled culutural judgement across the web... why must you embarass the few cultured of us. I can't even say im American cause that means i have a 5th grade education on a global scale, even if I finished high school.

  1. Anonymous erik said:

    my thoughts are with u man, hang in there.

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    pussy... and christian!

  1. Blogger David (Dragon) Fiedler said:

    Don't let the anonymous cowardly insulting bastards make you too sad or cynical like they are...that was very well-written and heartfelt, and I wish you and your family the best of luck.

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    Hey, ¿dices que eres un tipillo inteligente? Por favor. Mira, deja de estar inventando cosas, poniendo más color a tus posts, cuando sabemos que el terremoto fue por ahi de las 11am y tu papá estaba tosiendo, como dices, por ahí de las 3am. Yo también leo reddit y me siento inteligente, pero no por eso voy a hacer comentarios ficticios para atraer lectores. Cálmate mi buen. Somos jovenes, tu 24 y yo 26. Tranquilo.

  1. Blogger lomelyo said:

    It's horrible living with fear, swine flue, crime, and bad economy. Good luck man!
    But do not spread paranoia with apocalyptic thoughts, it's the last thing we mexicans need.

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    Here's something that will help your Dad:

    - Buy fenugreek seeds at the market. They're a spice from Indian/Middle Eastern food.
    - Boil the seeds in water until it turns green.
    - Add the green water to his soup, tea, OJ, etc. If you put in coffee you can barely taste it.

    Fenugreek seeds have an ingredient that thins mucus, much like albuterol. The fenugreek will thin the mucus in his throat and lungs, enabling him to cough it out and breath normally. Pneunomia is the big danger with the flu. Getting the fluid out of his lungs is the most important thing you can do.

    You can also:
    - buy expectorate at the drug store (Tussin is an American brand)
    - cup your hands and drum on his back to loosen the mucus.
    - help him sit upside down (like on the bed with his head on the floor) to drain his lungs.

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    Well, this is for all of the assholes that said that Mexico City is a Third-World Country. I am a "Chilango" (born in Mexico City). My father is an American, born US citizen and my mother is a Mexican born citizen. I am currently living in St. Louis, MO, USA and therefore, for all of you out there, I am NOT your typical (Mexican wetback). Oh, and by the way, I am a PHD in law from Harvard. So top that, you fucking closed minded, fucking Gringos! Mexico City is not, nor has it ever been a third-world country. If you would be a little more educated, you would know that Mexico City occupies the second high end class-luxury city in the world. FYI the French Riviera takes number one. Not any city in the USA, including NY, Beverly Hills, Miami, N. Carolina, etc, etc, made it even close in the top 10. Just research it on your own... Google Polanco, Santa Fe, Lomas de Chapultepec, all of these in Mexico City, just to name a few. Furthermore, do you know that the funder (owner) and CEO of Nickelodeon is Mexican, and one more FYI, if you have a color TV, thank a Mexican. That is right; a Mexican invented the color TV. Oh, and just so that you stop thinking that Mexico City is so low; look for the top 20 wealthiest people in the world... Four in the top ten, are from Mexico City you ignorant, motherfuckers!

    Así que dejen en paz a mi queridísima ciudad de México. Como esta ciudad no existe otra! Tengo casas en cuatro partes del mundo: Ciudad de México, Santa Fe -- St. Louis Missouri, USA -- Inglaterra, Londres, y Japón, Tokio.
    Tengo doble ciudadanía (Americana/Mexicana), doctorado en leyes internacionales de la universidad de Harvard, USA, y solo tengo 38 años de edad.
    Amigo, autor de este blog. Por favor no exageres la situación de México. Si tu papa está enfermo, le deseo una recuperación rápida.

  1. Blogger Jorge Pinto said:

    Mi comentario, en reddit:


  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:


  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    good luck from Canada

    (ignore the idiots)

  1. Blogger Julie said:

    Anónimo has a menatl disorder, a very bad one.

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    Numbers, quoting percentages allways makes you feel better when your loved one dies, but its not that bad, its only (random number)% of a change that it happens to you. that makes it better, does it not?

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    I just took a huge dump.

  1. Anonymous Angel Gomez said:

    Alarmist stories such as this one are what started blowing this whole issue out of proportion. This is bullshit, especially about the shooting, Mexico City has basically no crime related to drug cartels. So don't say it's the usual especially when there really are cities being ravaged by the drug trade. You're just a usual Mexican equivalent of an Uncle Tom starved for public attention.

  1. Blogger Andy C said:

    Our prayers are with you Sebastian, keep us updated - it's much more real and personal than the news. Hope your father is getting better.

  1. Anonymous John - Texas said:

    "When going gets tough, the tough gets going!"

    Cuando la situacion se pone dura, los duros se ponen en la situacion.

    No te dejes victimizar por los medios de comunicacion. Utiliza tu sentido comun y continua adelante.

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    You're faking it, here's the proof:


  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    From one anonymous person on the internet to another, I hope only the best for you, your country, and your country's future. What happens in Mexico affects a lot of us on a wide variety of levels, after all.

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    How can he be a pussy? He can't go and beat up a virus.

    I hope things get better.

  1. Blogger windowless said:

    Why the HELL are you living in Mexico ????? What are you thinking?

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    hey im from orange county. i hope everything turns out fine. for you fuckers who call him a pussy... just shut the fuck up. why are you on this blog anyways? go sell your own drugs. go eat your pork, so do i. yeah and go stand up and find the cure for swine flu. you really want to make a stand? lol do something then. instead of writing shit on a blog. btw i felt the earthquake in oc. very small wave though. yeah, what a badass... go suck a dick fruitcakes

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    come to US and take care of my lawn

  1. Blogger Parrish said:

    good luck brother

  1. Blogger Pablo said:

    Sebastian, my thoughts and prayers to you and your loved ones. hang in there bud.

    ROFL at all the insensitive jerks who would most likely feel the same or worse under similar circumstances and events.

  1. Anonymous Ivan said:

    If you live in America you can no longer call any other place third world without first recognizing that in America there are third world counties. Look at Detroit, or the whole Appalachians, Kentucky, West Virginia, etc.... People there are dirt poor and eating garbage. White folks who are poorer than your average indian in Mexico!!! How pathetic is that, all the opportunity in the world and they don't have a pot to piss in. Yea, WHITE folks who are poorer than Indians. In America! laugh at that. So to any American who thinks you have it better, I hate to break it to you but...America's dream is over. America is becoming the biggest shithole of them all. And you did it all on Credit!!! Ha!

    Now, to my friend in Mexico, hang in there. Brighter days ahead.

  1. Anonymous alma said:

    kind thoughts for the well-being of yourself, your community and your country. Long live wonderful Mexico ! -- alma (your Auntie, in spirit)

    ..... pensamientos simpaticos y amables para el bienestar suyo, y de la comunidad y del pais.
    Viva Mexico maravilloso ! -- alma (tu tia en espiritu)

  1. Anonymous tia alma said:

    kind thoughts for the well-being of yourself, your community and your country. Long live wonderful Mexico ! -- alma (your Auntie, in spirit)

    ..... pensamientos simpaticos y amables para el bienestar suyo, y de la comunidad y del pais.
    Viva Mexico maravilloso ! -- alma (tu tia en espiritu)


  1. Anonymous tia alma said:

    kind thoughts for the well-being of yourself, your community and your country. Long live wonderful Mexico ! -- alma (your Auntie, in spirit)

    ..... pensamientos simpaticos y amables para el bienestar suyo, y de la comunidad y del pais.
    Viva Mexico maravilloso ! -- alma (tu tia en espiritu)


  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    God damn, americans are big group of stupid racist bastards. Just look at the comments.

    Hey kid, sorry. That sucks. I hope you are faking.

  1. Anonymous Jay said:

    Keep your head up and let us know what's going on. Some of us do care and we're not here to hate on your situation.

  1. Blogger Nuez Toy said:

    No mames. Que melodramatico. Muchas peliculas de Pedro Infante. Toritooooooo!

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    Staged and fake. I can tell from reading blogs around my lifetime.

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    Y por que no haces la version en espanol.

  1. Anonymous el Marco said:

    I'm having a hard time buying your story since it comes 3 days late, but still some comments:

    I left Mexico city last Sunday, two days after the government cancelled all schools als public events. I had visited Mexico for a short holiday. In the last 2 days I watched the number of tapabocas (mouthmasks) in the streets augment from 1% to 50%.

    I understand that in the beginning there was much uncertainty, but as I digged into the internetnewspapers, I found out there was more hysteria than real danger. The disease can be battled with two kinds of medication and the symptoms are somewhat more heavy than with regular flu, but with proper medication, noone seems to need to die from it.

    The fact that 7 (not 60 as reported earlier) Mexicans have died is because they had the bad luck to be born in an underdeveloped country with no access to proper medication.

    When I got back in the Netherlands however, I found out that the hysteria is more contaminating than the virus. My colleagues at work were really AFRAID of me and phoned me to ask me not to show up
    in the office the next day.

    I am really disappointed in the way they let themselves get carried away by the way the newspapers blew this thing up. I fear no virus, I fear mindless sheep.

    Lots of luck to your beautiful country.

  1. Blogger MR. B said:

    be strong buddy,,

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    You are in my thoughts. I know this sounds absurd from my standpoint, try not to give into the fear.

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    don't listen to all the wanna be macho idiots posting here, what the hell are they gonna do?! Have a one on one fist fight with flu? Morons.

    Good luck man, hope your dad feels better

  1. Blogger Charles said:

    Found this site which seems to have tons of resources and information about the swine flu - http://www.swine-flu-today.com

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    Hang in there. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, America and there are only a couple of cases around here.

    Yo espero que tu hagas bien. Tu viva la vida!

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    Humans are such a pain... If anyone thinks the swine flu is the worst loose canon virus on the horizon, boy, are you in for a surprise. Our wonderful governments are playing with viruses that could probably eat your liver through 10 inches of solid steel. For this one, just wash your hands and cough into your elbow.

  1. Blogger Wooks said:

    Just imagine what man engineered virus' are out there just waiting to be intentionally released into the third world. Ebola, AIDS, Legionairres. At least we can control this one by staying away from each other and washing our hands.

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    i hope it doesnt reach me =D

  1. Blogger vkamat said:

    we can put swine flu in this Perceptive

  1. Anonymous Anónimo said:

    Hey Buddy, This swine flu thing is a hoax to kill the Mexican economy and create widespread panic and martial law all over the world. similar to the World Trade event. Since the WTC we have continuely lost our rights and freedoms in the name of "our safety".

    Mexico will be the hardest hit and will invoke the Amero. The Amero isnt the scary part, its the way the World Government wants to distribute this new currency. They will say it cost too much to print new money, so they will make computer chips or GPS to put in every human being willing to sumbit themselves to the chip (mark of the beast)

    Satan is taking this world fast, and we need to realize who we are being controlled by. We are working into his plan allowing our governments to completly enslave and desolate us "unworthy and ignorant mass living human beings". our only hope is love, truth, and the only love and truth which is definite and will never betray you is the love and Truth of Jesus Christ, and our Father in Heaven the LORD god king and creator of all creation.

    I love you and God loves you too. What will come to pass is the in the Bible, the control of the world by satan through a world government, a world court, etc... and the reunitification of the saints or gods faithful who deny satan and his teachings of sin, and accept God and his laws, and his Son Jesus who loves you so!

  1. Blogger 4Yahshua said:

    Sad to read about your dad! Hope that he is better now. There is a evil history about flu and vaccines. Please become informed!I will not take a flu shots or flu drugs. Please watch Dr. True Ott's videos about them: www.H1flu.com A Texas doctor writes that the natural amino acid "N-Acetyl Cysteine" will help prevent this flu or shorten its length. (Adult 1200 mg. capsule a day, child 600 mg. a day)Here in Southern CA, Mothers Health Food Store sells their brand for about $8.00 for 60 capsules (600 mg.) I went to purchase some two days ago. The clerk said that I was the second one that day to ask about it. She also said that first person told her that he felt that he had this flu!! Please prepare and pray. . .but do not panic. Blessings!

  1. Blogger Navneet said:

    Do someone know this ..

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    •Throat Infection
    •Urinary Tract Infection
    •Vaginal Yeast Infection
    On each treatment page, you will find:

    •An overview of the infectious condition, including causes and symptoms
    •Typical treatments and practical advice on using our natural remedy
    •A quick reference section to give a snapshot of each condition,
    •Helpful prevention tips


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