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Swine Flu

martes, abril 28, 2009

I wake up at 3am, my dad is coughing loud and often, I go running to his bedroom, and found my mother yelling half hysterical half crazy to him. She doesn't know what's wrong with him, me neither, we are both freaked out, I run to the phone to call to an ambulance, but my dad stops me, he says he is O.k.

My hearth is pumping quickly for the alarm., I'm really freaked out. --Just yesterday I was watching live TV, listening to José Angel Cordova, México's minister of health, he was explaining they delayed the alert because they didn't knew what was happening, they thought it was just a simple seasonal influenza, and then they got suspicious, sent some samples to Denver, and discovered it was not a seasonal influenza, and it was really a new virus, that they don't know when it's going to stop, and what signs will tell us it's stoping, because they don't know anything about this virus, they are working with limited information, and they use the words "remember, it's a new virus, we don't know what's going on" maybe too often. He suddenly stayed quiet for a couple seconds without a reason, I watched him, kind of puzzled for his silence, then he said "Yeah, the last thing we need, it's a earthquake", and almost instantly, at the bottom of the screen, next to CNN's logo, appeared a message "BREAKING: Earthquake on Mexico City". I couldn't believe it, it was like a nightmare, I had this urge to cry, or to laugh. I didn't know. I just felt sad.--

I checked my dad for a couple minutes, we talked a little bit, and after I felt sure he was Ok, I went to sleep again.

I go to bed and for two hours I just stayed quiet listening to the silence, worried for my dad, hoping he don't cough again.

At 5 on the morning I stand up, go downstairs for my breakfast, and turn on the TV. The first thing I see is a rerun of a TV show from yesterday, they are discussing the repercussions on the economy and on society of a general shutdown.

For a minute or two I feel I'm still dreaming, but then I just thinked, thank god this is a rerun and there are no surprise earthquakes at the middle of the show.

I can't believe they are actually thinking on a general shutdown on all the country... After all, all schools, bars, coffees, and recreational centers are closed until May 6, but shutting down the entire industry, that's just so insane.

Just after my coffee and my breakfast, I turned off the the TV and get dressed for the gym, the boys that sell newspapers on the corners are gone, and the sporadic ones, wear a mask.

When I arrive to the gym, I discover, without surprise, that it's closed, I drive home again, thinking on this new disease that appeared just a couple weeks ago and that is driving the full country --maybe the full world-- crazy.

On my way home, I found a lot of cops, and ambulances all over one of the main streets of my city... Just another shooting, as usual, I drive carefully on the remaining lanes, and that's when I remember it's not just a pandemic disease, or a 5.7 earthquake on Mexico City, it's also a global financial crisis, a global food crisis, and also I'm in a country in the middle of a war against drugs where it's no longer a surprise to find out an police operative picking up bodies after a shooting on my city downtown.

Some weeks ago, I was annoyed for all those special programs about the apocalypse on History and Discovery Channel, I just don't care what Nostradamus dreamed 500 years ago, or what the Mayans wrote on a stone, but now, it really feels like the apocalypse.